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Apr. 26th, 2014

I have been trying hard to eat healthy, make healthy swaps, and stop bingeing. (I used to have 3ish binges per week until recently, so I am doing really well in comparison)


Anyway, I have noticed that its having an effect on the flatness of my abs. I still have a little overhang of excess fat/skin, but its so small now that its covered by low-rise knickers. I finally feel like I could pull off wearing a bikini in public (subject to not being bothered about stretch marks) I took some pics last night:

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I am hoping to get it even more toned. Exercise + healthy eating + patience... I will have the body I want!


The LJ app on my phone is the biggest pile of crap. I can't read comments on anyone's entries because it crashes every time I try. I don't use the PC that much anymore as my phone does everything, so this is making my LJ use a bit rubbish.


Zach comes home today after 2 nights away :-) I hope he has had a good time and comes home in a good mood.



Apr. 25th, 2014

Bootcamp was good today! It was quieter than normal, about 9 came and it was all women (with a male instructor) It started with a warm-up,  then a circuit. The circuit involved 5 exercises, a weighted med ball, and lots of sprinting. Each exercise involved 3 sets of 10 reps. Then we did some boxing,  and then timed abdominal exercises in pairs. Finally, we did a jerry-can relay race in groups of 3 (which basically involved running with a filled jerry can, and the losing team were punished with an exercise) It was a lot crammed in to an hours session, but it was fun (and hard!)


Caffeine definitely makes a big difference to my performance. Without it, the session nearly kills me and I struggle to maintain 100% effort all the way through. With it, its still very hard, but I am able to keep going at a much higher effort level for the entire hour. I LOVE pro-plus!

Dec. 12th, 2013

I can't believe we are nearly half way through December. Time goes too fast. I have completed most of my xmas shopping minus a couple of things. It has been easier this year thanks to a family secret santa. I've not bought for any of my parents or siblings because they are part of the secret santa, and the rule is you only buy for who you're given. I have instructed my mum not to buy for my kids, which I imagine she'll find hard. But if people start buying for people alongside the secret santa gifts, it removes the simplicity of doing a secret santa in the first place. I prefer it this way. The kids all have birthdays so mum can go mad then if that's what she wants to do.


My kids have approx 6 gifts each (each gift ranges in price from £5 to £35) , plus a small stocking. Zach is really hard to buy for. He's a technology nerd and he's not into conventional toys. He's been the hardest to buy for, but I think i've done well. He has a programmable truck thing, you have to type codes in it to instruct it where to go. And he has a radio control plane that will actually fly, a lego set, a lego game and 2 minecraft books. Jed, Blake &;Arabelle have all been easy to buy for.


Diet Start Date: 10th September 2012
Start Weight: 12st 4lbs (172lbs) BMI = 30.5


11st 13lbs (Under 12 stone) - achieved 20th September 2012
11st 11lbs (Half a stone lost) - achieved 22nd September 2012
11st 7lbs (11 & a half stone) - achieved 2nd October 2012
11st 4lbs (1 stone lost) - achieved 10th October 2012
10st 13lbs (Under 11 stone) - achieved 30th October 2012
10st 11lbs (1.5 stone lost) - achieved 13th November 2012
10st 7lbs (10 & a half stone) - achieved 23rd November 2012
10st 4lbs (2 stone lost) - achieved 1st December 2012
9st 13lbs (Under 10 stone) - achieved 6th January 2013
9st 11lbs (2 & a half stone lost) - achieved 15th January 2013
9st 7lbs (9 & a half stone) - achieved 15th February 2013
9st 4lbs (Lost 3 Stone) - achieved 23rd March 2013
8st 13lbs (Under 9 Stone) - achieved 11th June 2013
8st 11lbs (Lost 3 & half stone) - achieved 16th June 2013
8st 10lbs (Lost 50lbs) - achieved 19th July 2013
8st 7lbs (Final Goal) - achieved 28th July 2013

arabelle seemed to look forward to going to nursery this morning. She amazed me when we went in, she started playing and waved to me before I even told her I was leaving. They had her favourite activity out (a tubful of water with naked dolls and sponges in it) so she was very happy. So we've only had 2 tearful separations and she appears to have settled already.


I'm now having a cuppa in complete peace before I speedily tidy the entire house, and there may even be time for tv before I collect her (big maybe, my house is a mess)

I thought I would take pre-toning photos of my body, so I have something to compare with when I finally get a bit more muscle definition. I wish I had taken pre-weightloss photos, but I didn't... I guess I never visualised actually changing, and I was also fairly grossed out by my body, I couldn't bare looking at it without clothes on. Just trust me when I say it is very different now to how it was a few months ago!

Anyway, my post-weightloss/pre-exercise body pics
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This may be a little bit too optimistic, but this is what I want to attempt to do at the gym:

Monday evening - Body Pump Class, 1 hour
Tuesday morning - general workout in the gym
Wednesday evening - general workout in the gym followed by a swim
Thursday evening - Pilates class, 1 hour
Friday evening - Body Attack class, 1 hour

So that involves going every week day, with three classes each week and 2 "boring" workouts on my own. The body pump will increase my muscle tone and increase my general metabolic rate, the Body Attack will burn some serious calories and give me a decent cardiac workout, and the pilates will help to strengthen my core that has been battered by 4 pregnancies.

I am going to give it a go and see how I cope with it. If I have to, I can drop some of the sessions, but that is my initial plan. If I actually manage to do it, then my body should start to radically transform within a few weeks because it is A LOT of exercise.

I had all my measurements taken today - heart rate, BP, height, weight, BMI, body fat %. My heart rate and BP were good, I am REALLY short (160.5cm, so only 5'2.6, not the 5'3 I thought I was!) I weighed 63.3kg (slightly more than I weigh in the morning naked, but still under the 10-stone mark) and my body fat was 35.5% which I think is probably inaccurate. It was measured via digital scales through my feet, and I'm sure my body fat was only 29% when I was a stone heavier than I am now. Plus, 35% is not inline with my general weight and fitness level!

Anyone want to buy an Easter holiday?

Does anybody want to buy a haven holiday to rivière sands in Cornwall for 18th-25th April? It's a 3-bed exclusive (so top of the range) with heating, will sleep 6 (2 per room) and includes a highchair. I paid just under £900 & that included a 25% discount, and am willing to sell it for £650. Haven have said I can transfer the holiday into another name.

The reason I want to sell it is because our house has just been sold, and it's going to clash with moving (and we can't afford to move the holiday to the summer because it's twice the price)

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1 year old tomorrow

A year ago today, I was waiting to go into labour. And Arabelle stopped moving, my temp went up & then the bad bit happened.

But she is here, a year old tomorrow, healthy & happy & beautiful. And I am more thankful for her today than ever before.

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